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Exhaust Production

BEDA SA company, since 1969 that began its operation, focused on producing Greek manufactured exhaust systems and later catalysts, and over the years became the first name in the industry engaged.

Continued investments in new state of the art machinery, allow the company to produce high quality products, directly competitive with the imported ones.

The company currently produces approximately 400 exhaust codes for each type of vehicle that fully meet the market needs.

Ultramodern Garage “Auto Center”

Within the framework of its commercial expansion into new activities and having always customer-oriented philosophy, BEDA SA in March 2015, created a sophisticated integrated auto repair unit of any type of vehicle.
This unit is located in 299 Monastiriou Strt in Thessaloniki, and includes services of diagnostic electronic control, mechanical, electrical, repair and replacement of mufflers, catalytic converters and tires.
The above company investment in facilities and equipment, creates a benchmark in the service for vehicles in the automotive sector.

Warehouse: imported – produced products

BEDA SA company has created in its up-to-date facilities, at 299 Monastiriou Str, Thessaloniki, storage places of 2000m2 in order to meet all customer needs in wholesale with sufficient stock of 5000 exhaust codes of produced and imported products.

BEDA SA to enrich its product tange works with the largest forein factories as: POLMOstrow, ASSO, NOVAK, HOBI, KINROM, CATCO, ECOCAT and THREEWAY, all companies with important history in the aftermarket area and significant presence in the global market.

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